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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Counselors Not of God

In their “ times of troubles”, believers may turn to counsel from respected "ministers/pastors/teachers". Not amazingly (at least to me), only too often their reach for help finds little if any resolution to the problem. This is despite the pastors diligently giving the counselee benefit of their (often enormous) education.[1] In such cases, instead of a resolution of the matter, they bring them further into bondage because of both errant doctrinal teachings that preclude any involvement of the Christian in his own life and because of a denial of the power of God.[2] He is taught, for instance, that there is nothing that he can do to be a better Christian or to help himself through his problems (i.e. a lack of empowerment). Instead, he is taught that God will cause things to happen in his life to (bludgeon) him into being a better person. In this instance, the individual is counseled that God will help him or not at His discretion. God is projected as sovereign and in control therefore one is to just accept the circumstances that are killing them, stealing from them, and destroying their marriage and even their life. No account of the covenant and of the grace of God in Christ is ever considered.

One sad example is that of a young man who called into a radio “teacher’s” program.[3] The “teacher” is a well-respected and nationally-known “grace” teacher. The caller, a believer, was expressing how he was bound by his flesh and by alcohol addiction. He had no understanding of how to resist the enemy and his flesh. He was under the constant guilt and condemnation brought about by his constant failure to overcome his addictions. He was desperate for relief because his entire life was being devistated. He felt utterly helpless and his voice reflected his hopelessness; he was literally begging for help. The “teacher” just shuffled around and about spewing his graceless doctrinal blather and told the guy to just “leave it at the cross” and “give it to Jesus” and all would be well. He should have taken authority in the name of Jesus and introduced the “anointing” that destroys the yoke. But, his powerless religion would have none of it. He smugly went on with the rest of his program thinking that he had "helped" but he left the poor man to drown in a satanic sea of bondage; without help and without hope. The man may well fall away and lose his salvation because of this “teachers” ignorance or he may simply end the suffering with a bullet to the brain.

Another tragic example of such ignorance is that of my own next door neighbor (a believer). She had been diagnosed with cancer. When it came to my attention, I asked if she would like prayer for healing. “Oh, no!”, She said, almost offended. “My heavenly Father gave me cancer because He loves me!”. I didn’t know whether to throw up or cry. She had received counsel (probably from her pastor) that was clearly extra-Biblical. She died not understanding why God would assassinate her in the prime of her life but blindly trusting in His “love”. It is little wonder why those in the world think that Christians are mentally unstable.

Another horrific example was that of one in the news some years ago. A young man was experiencing extreme emotional duress. He asked his pastor if God would send him to Hell if he committed suicide. He was advised that suicide was allowed by God as an acceptable escape from one's problems. The young man, rather than fight against such pressures (as the Bible teaches in an incredibly plain way) took the path of least resistance and did just exactly what the counselor (the pastor of a huge church of great renown on the west coast) had condoned; he committed suicide. After all, this man of “great wisdom and knowledge” had told him that it was acceptable with God. The parents, understandably, were devastated and sued the man and his church. This travesty made national headlines.

Obviously, the counselor/pastor did not advise the man to commit suicide. In fact, I don’t question the man’s heart or intentions in the matter at all. But, why didn't this “great teacher”, lauded of many men as a spiritual giant among men, know even the basics of our “warfare" as prescribed in the Bible? [4] Why wasn’t he a “peace maker” and help this person resolve his angst and fear to God’s peace in Christ? Why didn't he resist the Devil as exhorted in the Bible?[5] A question that screams to be asked is "why didn't the 'great man of God' rebuke that spirit of suicide and set the young man free? The answer is sadly obvious; there was no understanding of such matters. He was ignorant; plainly and simply ignorant and completely powerless. It is written “For a lack of knowledge are my people destroyed…..” (Hosea 4:6) and “Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge…..” (Isaiah 5:13). The pastor did nothing to free the young man from bondage.

Other questions in all of these examples are “Where was the word and power of God to set the captive free?” and “Where was the “anointing that destroys the yoke”? Because of the lack of understanding of the word of God (i.e. because of false doctrine/un-truth), two lives were ended prematurely while another was tossed to Satan to be devoured at his will. What kind of “powerful gospel” is this?

There is no “powerful gospel” because he really doesn't know what the Bible actually says. He merely has his denominations teachings from which to operate. Astonishingly, this noted preacher boasts that he is not a “concordance cripple” and that he can cite a great deal of the Bible by heart and knows the “address” of much scripture text!. However, he really does not study the Bible; he actually only studies his doctrines and had no “rhema” (or revealed/quickened) truth of the word of God. He has never actually received bottom line fundamental basic teachings of God's Word hardly at all. He only has seminary training which programmed him with their doctrines.

The above pastor had no actual revelation knowledge of the Word of God. Even the common sense of the scriptures had been taught out of him by his (denominational) seminary training (and it cost a man his life!). Also, he has received absolutely no teaching/training about spiritual warfare. In fact, his particular beliefs do not involve (true) spiritual warfare at all. Tragedy like this ought no to be. Though (sincerely) thinking that he is doing the correct things, his beliefs cause him to fight against the purposes of God! In most cases the “doctrines of men” that he clings to remove the faith, hope, and power (which would bring about an overcoming life of victory) completely out of a Christian’s life and leaving them completely at the non-existent mercy of Satan (and thinking that it’s God who is allowing them to be destroyed). Rather, this minister has been fed the “Pablum” of the doctrines of the “spirit of error” and has based all of his faith and beliefs on un-truth and lies. His followers suffer accordingly.

These are clear examples of the kind of dangerous and deadly error that we are subject to by not basing our beliefs on the bottom line of God's Word. Such error is based on men's doctrines that are of the "spirit of error". Sadly, such error is typical of “mainstream Christianity” and is evidence that the body of Christ is not seeking the Kingdom of Truth. They are accepting the “spirit of error” without question.

Let us be mindful, therefore, to seek the Lord for the bottom-line revelation of His Word. It is written: “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. There is absolutely no excuse for not ultimately coming into the knowledge of “the truth” (and therefore freedom) as it is freely available to all. It is, in fact, available even to those who are previously pre-programmed with the doctrines of man if they will but seek the Lord and study His Word and not merely their doctrines. We can seek the truth of the word of God and Christ is that truth (the anointed living word of God). To not do so is to remain in bondage.

We should note that the qualification for ministry is a manifestation of the (living) word and power of God in that respective ministry. That means that there will be a spiritual validation and gifting of the Holy Spirit to fulfill that calling and to confirm the truth of what is being taught. It further includes the wisdom and maturity to be a servant of the Lord. Otherwise, there is only a form of Godless but it is only a powerless “gospel”. Such a powerless “gospel” then leaves the helpless individual at the mercy of what can only be men's doctrines, religion, and any other philosophy and psychology at hand. That is the Devils realm over which he reigns with diligence and with an iron fist.

It should be noted here that where the Spirit of God is there is always yoke-destroying power....always. If there is no power, there is no qualified and God-sanctioned ministry. We see no exceptions in the Bible at all. This is because the Lord went “with them” (Mark 16:20) and where the Lord is, power is. Where the Lord is not, power is not. How do we know this? The King is in His Kingdom and the Kingdom of God is one of power because of it. The Bible says this:

Ø “But I will come to you shortly, if the Lord will, and will know, not the speech of them which are puffed up, but the power. For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power” (1 Corinthians 4:19-20)

Here we see that the Kingdom of God is not in word but in power. We see in scripture also that, when the word of God taught or preached, it is done so in power. The first “evangelists” preached the gospel with power and with signs and wonders following. There were no exceptions. The unchanging Kingdom of God is as powerful now as it was then.

Likewise, the Kingdom of God is with us because the King and the Kingdom of God are in us (Luke 17:21). Therefore, anyone who calls himself a minister or preacher will have power in demonstration or they are not yet qualified according to scripture. Any other representation is to preach a powerless “gospel” and is false. It is a form of Godliness (powerfulness because God is powerful) but the power is actually denied because it is not in manifestation (also per 1 Corinthians 12:1-11).

The conclusion is simple; stay away from powerless ministers and ministries. Seek first the Kingdom of God (i.e. the Kingdom of Power) and His righteousness (according to Matthew 6:33). Get wisdom and with all your ability, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7).

Make a note also that you can’t have “wisdom” without having power because the word of God is God’s wisdom. It is with His word that He created all things. Therefore you cannot separate wisdom from power. The Bible confirms this in Mark 6:2.

Let the body of Christ no more be found in subjection to the powerless doctrines of men and of the spirit of error. Let us walk in the glory of the awesome power of our God and Father of us all who has given us all things liberally and who hinders not. Let us receive of His unlimited grace those things which were reserved for us (not from us) from before the foundation of the earth. Let us seek the fellowship of His Spirit and walk in the light and Spirit as He is in the light. Let us also ask the Lord for His anointed servants and teachers who carry the truth of the powerful gospel of Christ. Amen.


[1] Worldly education is hardly a substitute for the powerful word and Spirit of God who were given to reconcile the body of Christ to peace
[2] By the default of ignorance
[3] I had been listening to the radio while traveling
[4] 2 Corinthians 10:3-5
[5] James 4:7


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Psalm 144:12-15 Here is my description of a truly happy land where Jehovah is God
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Daughters of graceful beauty like the pillars of a palace wall
Barns full to the brim with crops of every kind
Sheep by the thousands out in our fields
Oxen loaded down with produce
No enemy attacking the walls, but peace everywhere
No crime in our streets
Yes, happy are those whose God is Jehovah
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